A New Horizon... Life Planning

Professional ELITE | Ultimate in personal, business and lifestyle coaching...

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Lifestyle Coaching

Whether its personal development, overcoming limiting beliefs or behavioural change it's time to unlock your full potential and realise your dreams...

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Executive Coaching

Whether it's maxmising your business skills, personal development, goal setting, peer accountability or simply peace of mind, we can help...

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Leadership Development

Everyone is unique, so you deserve a unique plan. We’ll help you explore the options and create a strategy suited to your individual goals and desires...

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Business Coaching

Our partnership with you is built on a deep understanding and trust. We'll take the time to walk the pathway with you to get the results you want...

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Strengths Development

Do you know your Top Strengths ? The choice of which one's to work on is vital... let us help you develop your potential...

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Successful Relationships

In today's busy world it's easy to get distracted... and sometimes we forget. Personal relationships are the foundation of true happiness...

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Self Awareness

Life can be full of challenges and uncertainty... "Know Thy Self" is the compass of success. We have deep experience to help you explore the depths and set your course...

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Mindfulness practice... let us show you how to find your center and acheive silence, harmony and peace of mind, anywhere anytime...

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Ultimate in personal, business and lifestyle coaching...

About us

We are a boutique coaching firm established in Australia combining the talent and specialities of personal, business and lifestyle coaching, Life Planning Specialist Advice. Professional ELITE is about creating a long-term close partnership with you.

We offer a diverse range of coaching skills specialising in accelerated learning, behavioural change, self-awareness, leadership development, cutting edge business advice, entrepreneurship, and results based coaching programs. Whether you’re a senior executive, business owner, entrepreneur or busy professional we take the time to get to know you and define what you really want out of life… and then we work with you to make it happen !

“It would be an absolute pleasure to be your partner and guide on the pathway to realising your dreams”
Warrick Pleash CEO | Practice Principal

Four Reasons to Get Results Now !

I’ll Do It Tomorrow…

1Why is it that we continue to put off today what we can do tomorrow without truly understanding the negative affect of our procrastination. When it comes to your life your state of mind and well being is paramount. Now is the time to focus and try something new !


Clear Blockages

2 Our actions and behaviour often run in patterns. Could it be that we are being limited by our unconscious beliefs, our “Lifestyle Scripts” ? Research shows that actions and behaviour are either inherited or taken from past experience. We can help you change !

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The Power of a Plan

3They say that those who “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”. Don’t let this be true for you. A unique lifestyle coaching plan with a trusted adviser is the answer. Lifestyle planning is easier than you think with Five Simple Steps to success. Give us a call today for an obligation free conversation.


Life Longevity Risk ?

4Life expectancy continues to increase with the retirement years now 40% of overall life span. Combine this with an ageing population putting pressure on Government safety nets and increasing the need for more personal care and responsibility. It’s time to take action !


• “Professional” • a definition • provide a level of care and service that consistently exceeds client expectations • advocate for clients yet be objective • possess ethical standards of performance for the work and the client relationship • admit when they are wrong or don’t know • work with other professionals and stakeholders for the highest good of clients and society • “ELITE” • a definition • considered to be the best because of skill, power, talent, knowledge, service, wealth and trust •